Times of Change

There are times in our life , when we have a moment to change our life situation. Where we can finally after year after year make the life that we have always dreamed of. For me it only comes after a massive traumatic experience. It’s almost like some one up above is guiding me towards the path I should be on.

I am here in the moment ready to move forward to my path of truth. I have been swept off my yellow brick road, walking towards nowhere. As I walk I find my way towards somewhere.

It is easy to go the wrong way. Once we can acknowledge that we are on the wrong path, we can make our way back to where we should be.

I am on the start my new path of peace. After my ACL surgery a week ago. I am in a month of staying at home, with a brace on my knee. Lying on the sofa everyday,with small journeys on the crutches to the kitchen, bathroom. I am still in some pain,everything is where it should be. Pain wise, I am 50% free of pain everyday. Then 50% of pain everyday. I am good. Everything is good. I am where I need to be.

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