Always Be Happy.Money Maker.

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Happiness is all within our hearts,and our minds. We all need basics to survive. Food , water , clothing , shelter.

What I am going to get as part of my Affirmation pursuit to peace and tranquillity. More money, more time to do what I want.

Through each day , I will do 6 hours of charity work. What I have done recently is drive a mini bus for the community. This involved picking people up from their homes, and driving them to shops in the town. I got a lot out of it, as I was able to meet and get on with people whom were widows. Some had illnesses which meant they couldn’t walk very far or drive. This was a happy moment in my working life. Even though it was on a voluntary basis. I was happy every Friday afternoon doing this non paid work.

This is my pursuit of peace and tranquility.

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