Generate Tone Energy

Years ago around 125 years ago. We used to use tone energy frequency’s to help heal all sorts of problems. Like Cancer as one example. I have found different energy frequencies to help heal my ankle injury. Plus my ACL injuries on both my left and right knees.

Medical applications of radio frequency (RF) energy, in the form of electromagnetic waves(radio waves) or electrical currents, have existed for over 125 years,[1] and now include diathermyhyperthermy treatment of cancer, electrosurgery scalpels used to cut and cauterize in operations, and radiofrequency ablation.[2] Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses radio frequency waves to generate images of the human body.[3]

Radio frequencies at non-ablation energy levels are commonly used as a part of aesthetic treatments that can tighten skin, reduce fat by lipolysis and also apoptosis,[4] or promote healing.[5]

RF diathermy is a medical treatment that uses RF induced heat as a form of physical therapyand in surgical procedures. It is commonly used for muscle relaxation. It is also a method of heating tissue electromagnetically for therapeutic purposes in medicine. Diathermy is used in physical therapy to deliver moderate heat directly to pathologic lesions in the deeper tissues of the body. Surgically, the extreme heat that can be produced by diathermy may be used to destroy neoplasmswarts, and infected tissues, and to cauterizeblood vessels to prevent excessive bleeding. The technique is particularly valuable in neurosurgery and surgery of the eye. Diathermy equipment typically operates in the short-wave radio frequency (range 1–100 MHz) or microwave energy (range 434–915 MHz).[citation needed]

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) is a medical treatment that purportedly helps to heal bone tissue reported in a recent NASA study. This method usually employs electromagnetic radiation of different frequencies – ranging from static magnetic fields, through extremely low frequencies (ELF) to higher radio frequencies (RF) administered in pulses.[citation needed]

We Can Use Electro Magnetic Frequencies As Well As Pharmaceuticals. Meditation And Hypnosis.

Meditation .Hypnosis. Since my daughter was born in 2016, I have been meditating everyday. This was especially needed after my step father got Cancer of the bladder for the second time.

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